The Purple Seven

November 4, 2011
By KerliHairedGirl SILVER, Mound City, Missouri
KerliHairedGirl SILVER, Mound City, Missouri
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White elastic fabric
stretches upon my body
as I see the purple seven
outlined by yellow
appear on my chest
and the jersey tightens on me as
my pride swells
the jock of all jocks
jersey is on me
not the blonde girl
who talks about boys
who are not you, not him
the purple seven
makes me blush
the smell
of sweat and grass stains
covered up
by the cologne that I know can
only belong to you, him
yes this number seven begins to make
me feel
like I am for once not the obese
fool that I am
that runs after boys that will never
love me let alone notice me
well they see me but they see
a brunette in a baggy sweatshirt and with ankles that lead
directly into calves
but with this purple number seven
they see
me as something more,
something more than I am
a girl with big lips and
bright eyes that shine
off the glinting smiles that
pass by me
I'm like a butterfly
the metamorphosis
turns me from a fat girl
to a woman with curves
that no man can handle
but you, him
yes this purple number seven
it makes me larger than life
and ever Friday I begin to
find my self become excited
as I am handed over


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