Chair and Gray Walls

November 4, 2011
This morning I pretened not to look at you
as you sat down and sighed
The girls asked you if you were fine
You answered with a quite unconvincing yes
As another came and asked
me a foolish
You looked at me with such a cunning grin
as if it was
just you and
grinning at this foolish question
as if for a minute the world had disapeared
the people had faded into the lockers
and gray painted walls
and my chair against the wall
so much closer you as you
upon the floor
and I broke eye contact
you went back to your
ways pretending to read a book
as again
I went back to pretending not
to look your
but smiling
as I reflected on our secret
and in that moment I thanked
for such a fool to have asked me
because for a momment it brought me
back to

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