No emotions

November 4, 2011
By Anonymous

I feel bad about what i did. I cant smile without thinking of you. I cant cry because it Willl make me cry even more. Doing anything Will remind me of you. I cant hold your hand no more, kiss you in front of everybody. As i told you. its just a break. You even said ' I Understand ' and i thank you for that. But the dance, its just to hard to explain, there's this kid Ive been wanting to dance with but i know he would want to also. I miss you and that Willl be over soon. I love you and that wouldn't change. This is the part where i start to cry. You really hurt me, one to many times. We fought, a lot! I cant believe it but its true. Please let my heart beat. I wish all of this can happen. I wish he Willl ask me to dance.

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