Your Shadow

November 4, 2011
You say it's not a competition,
but that's because you always win.
You can get away with anything,
while I am always caught.
You have a lot of friends,
I'm out of the crowd.

You're seventeen,
much more mature than me.
Your confident and outspoken,
I'm reserved and insecure,
but that is no reason,
to be forced to hide,
in the darkness that I'm in.

I'm your shadow,
always in the background.
I'm hiding behind Your golden glow,
the perfection you cascade.

I hate being runner up,
sometimes even last.
I can't stand your mistakes,
are not taken seriously,
instead they become jokes,
dinner time discussions.

You know what you want to do with you life,
serve our country,
fight for freedom.

How can you say that when I'm trapped,
as your shadow,
waiting for my successes,
to be noticed nearly as much as yours.

I am your shadow.
I never give up the hope that one day,
I will be free,
break apart from your aura,
and become my own person.

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EmbraceURawesomeness said...
May 12, 2013 at 9:36 pm
total awesomeness! cut the brother- you HE write poetry? really great. i can totally relate. MY BIG SISTER IS PEEEEERFET. oh groan. what do you do when the whole world loves your siblings? Attention little sibs of hte world- lets unite to protest against perfectness!!!!! RAAAAH
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