Carnival attraction

November 9, 2011
Come with me,

let's take a ride.

Through the pain,

to the otherside.

One free pass,

is all i'll give.

It's now in my hands,

if you shall live.

so come all freaks,

i pead to thee.

Come see the show,

your final ending.

The glass does shatter,

as bottles break.

These prizes you have won,

now seem utterly fake.

You've learned that the fun house,

is full of sin.

Spin the weel of life,

but you can never win.

For tis you have paid,

the grand tour price.

I never agreed,

it would up so nice.

Now as we leave,

hand in hand.

remember it's only,

the end.

I stayed by your side,

pretending you were doing right.

But you only saw the carnival,

the night you died

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