November 9, 2011
By leon de klerk BRONZE, Tsumeb, Other
leon de klerk BRONZE, Tsumeb, Other
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To be free and not have a care in the world
To not have a concern or a worry, it would be as to have as many wishes as you ever could
Even better because you will never be tired of freedom
Yet laws hold us back as shackles on a convict
While the innocent hide behind bars and the predators walk free and do as they wish
We have not the courage to roam free for the evil lurks outside
I have come to realize that if not for the laws and restraints evil would prosper and innocence would fail
These convicts walk free and fall victim only to each other for others are to weak to disobey
It has always been this way the strong will live and the weak will die
If each person were innocent we could live in a world of harmony and peace yet it will always be this way because each day a evil being is brought to life and as their lungs fill with oxygen their mothers look upon them with love and care unbeknown to them that one this piece of their being will become a ruthless killer that is emotionless and has no conception of pain, never will this end

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