The End

November 9, 2011
By PaulEarnest BRONZE, Southwick, Massachusetts
PaulEarnest BRONZE, Southwick, Massachusetts
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The end of a day dies down,
Rest calls my name
But I remain haunted
by the sounds of communication.
Eschew the disturbance
Only to get lost in my own mind.
Awakening to the sound of a tragedy,
Desolate diving into darkness.
Mournful Nostalgia with memories
And my pieces of you, of green and camouflage.
They make me ponder, was rest worth it?
I’d rather be haunted by endless sonance
Than the thought of what if,
The thought of why didn’t I,
The thoughts of you.
Denial keeps me happy,
Rejection keeps me alive,
Thoughts of you keep me going.
Never forget,
Never let go.
The memory of that
Endless Autumn night
So long ago.

The author's comments:
This may not be my best poem but it was about the night i found out that two good friends of mine were taken before their time; and how i layed in bed listening to the sounds of sirens in the town only to awake to the news the next day.

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