Picking Up the Pieces

November 9, 2011
By mgcheer123 BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
mgcheer123 BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
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It hurts to see you like this.
Caution tape around every word
that slips from my lips.
I have to watch what I say;
It might connect to her.

If I does I’ll know.
The tears will roll
down your; face
your problems.

You can’t put this on me
it wasn’t my fault or
my mistake.
She left you crumpled up,
she left you this way.
What am I supposed to do
or even say?

I’ve seen it happen
plenty of times before.
You gave her your heart
to keep safe and when she
gripped too tight and made it hurt;
you ripped it away.

When things rip into pieces
you have to clean them up
and put them somewhere to stay.
Or even better,
just chose a lucky person
to put them back together.
Don’t be weary of your decision
Talk about pressure.

I have the pieces of you heart.
A burning hot glue gun,
and an unsteady hand.
I know for sure,
this is not what you planned.

Don’t worry though,
it’s not exactly what I had in mind
I promise though,
we’ll work through this together.
How do you know
my words are the truth?

I’ll hand you my heart,
It’s beating for you.
Hold it for me
I have work to do.

My unsteady hands and passion for
you will put the pieces back together.
It will take time,
be patient for things like these
will not mend overnight.
The only thing I ask of you;
just be careful with me.
Don’t grip too tight.

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