The Lady of my Heart ( revised version)

November 9, 2011
By Doubtful SILVER, Doha, Other
Doubtful SILVER, Doha, Other
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Her bare hands fed me
Clothed me
Cleaned me
Protected me.
Her face, the first I saw

What was her name?
I craved for her company
Yearned for her caressing warmth
Who was this stranger?

Sacrificing her nights,
She lay awake watching, beside me
Missed parties, postponed meetings
Putting up with my shrieking tantrums,
Ignoring my pampered whining
Eternally grateful, I am

In the darkest times,
My blanket, she was
Giving me the warmth,
Strength to fight back my fears

In the coldest winters,
My reviving fire, she was
Her shoulders, mine
To lean on, to wipe my tears

Etched in my memories
My first steps- holding her gentle hands
My first words-mama
My mother, she is
The amazing woman, I look up to

The author's comments:
a revised version of a poem I wrote long time back.. spent hours on it..yet unable to give a full picture of my mom..mOm rOcKs!

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