November 9, 2011
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I heard you were going to Texas?
Can you do me a favor?
If you happen to see a girl
That looks like me
Ask if her name is Diamond.
And if she replies yes ask her if she knows me
And if she replies why
Tell her Charleigh said hi
And next time she is in town to please come by

Tell her to call me
My number is still the same
Tell her I'm still here
Tell her that I miss her dear

Just tell her...

That I remember when you lived across from
Me and your mom made you cry
I saw you drowning in your pillow
From my kitchen window
I didn't come over to play the game
I came over to make you laugh and take away the pain

Dear Diamond if she tells you
Could you please come back for me
How you always had my back
We leaned on each other

When you had got pregnant
Everyone was mad
But not me I still loved you
I didn't turn away
Instead welcomed you and the life that was in you

Please if you would just te her
To come home
Come to me because your still my cousin
And I miss you
I hope all is well and not just looking like you are

I want to talk to you
Because we always do that
Showed me the part of Diamond that really cared

And has this ps please
Just tell her I love her and
Charleigh is here for her
Tell her I miss her and call
Or write or just come by
Please just tell her I said hi..

Thank you

Oh and diamond you weren't a mess up
Everyone else was

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