The Forest

November 9, 2011
By Molly Truitt BRONZE, Windsor, Connecticut
Molly Truitt BRONZE, Windsor, Connecticut
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Playing hide and seek in the woods,
No knowing where my friends hid,
I stand in silence, taking everything in.
I know they’ll come back eventually.
Taking in each of my surroundings,

The not-yet fully budded trees all around me,
I feel as if they are all sleeping,
This entire forest is sleeping around me,
Not awakened nor disturbed by the shouts of children,
Children playing on the street behind me.

I walk around a little, but slowly,
As if I am hunting something.
I hear a long howl in the distance;
I want to find the animal creating it,
But unfortunately that requires wandering,
Therefore I stay where I am for the time being,
Yet time seems to have stopped altogether.

I hear every sound I make,
Every single branch that my foot breaks,
All the insects buzzing around me,
The ever so soft pitter patter of raindrops,
Perhaps a rumble of thunder to the West
And the small stream laughing as it runs behind me;
I can feel the ominous stall in the sky above me;
I look up into the yellowish grey clouds for an answer,
No breath of wind guides my eyes,

It slowly gets more humid as I stand there;
My imagination is running faster now,
As the levels of reality start to go down,
I make it a mission to find my friends,
Opening my mind and body,
So that maybe I would see or hear something,
Something that would lead me by instinct,
And I realize in all of this
What a tragedy the technological world is
Because no one else lived this,
It was just I.

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