November 9, 2011
By emschof BRONZE, Old Saybrook, Connecticut
emschof BRONZE, Old Saybrook, Connecticut
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The scorching pavement burns through the soles of my shoes as I rest
Just waiting with fear of knowing if I miss this, I’m out
Standing for what feels like hours,
The sun beating on my back
But now, I’m up
It’s my turn

Hit with a perfect chest pass
Eyes glued to the backboard
The basketball rolls swiftly off my fingertips

Face red with anticipation
Body tense as thirty pairs of eyes just stare

Sitting on the rim of the basket
Wondering if the wind is going to work in my favor
Palms all sweaty as I watch, just watch

The ball tilts in the net
Smiled plastered on my face
Adrenaline building in my veins

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