A Transition from Youth

November 9, 2011
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That feeling where it’s now or never
Almost as if you’ve got control of everything
But at the same time you really don’t
Tending to simultaneously lose control of life
It starts to slip away before you know.
Before you can even grasp the concept of losing youth,
You’ll find you’ve already lost it.
People expect more and more and you are given less,
Many don’t care at all because you should know better,
Not bothering to explain what wrong you’ve done,
Nor complimenting what you’ve accomplished,
So you’re often left to ask the question, Am I doing good?
You find yourself turning to friends;
Yet they cannot answer the questions you want answered
They cannot tell you who you are,
You find when you ask them about your daily appearance
You are not just asking to find one person’s opinion,
And the answer often affects far more than your self-esteem.
To you, it can define who you end up becoming,
Who you want to be,
Which can change when someone judges you.
Youth is the time when you start out living free,
Only to transition to a point where you feel trapped and helpless,
You’ve got no one to guide you; you’re supposed to know the way,
And nobody cares anymore because you’ve grown up, or so it seems.
Yet you haven’t.
They just don’t understand this,
Judging based on looks, others only see what they want,
Often not seeing the image you’d tried to create, misreading it.
To many people, all that defines a person is
The clothes they wear, a shade of eyeshadow, that one extra piercing,
And you find that all you want, after a while;
After an attempt to try to fit in
All you want is to return to your youth, when things like this didn’t matter,
Back to innocence.

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