Nothing Left

November 8, 2011
He lay upon a bed of nails,
and cried to himself each day.
Alone, it's difficult to tell his tales,
when no one is there with nothing to say.
She was alone, but not unknown,
Though she felt the pain from the start.
For long ago, the world had sewn
the seeds of sorrow in her heart.
In the dark they found each other,
crying aloud inside.
And soon their tears were for each other
a love they found, before they died.
But love is never meant to hold
the lives of two forever.
And so one day he was told of love, desires, he could not have her.
And fights began, so fast
their blood began to hiss.
they broke each others hearts, alas,
for want of the others bliss.
And so, he laid back down
upon his nails so old.
And she began to wander round
and there they died, loveless, cold.

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