Crushing Crush

November 8, 2011
By Anonymous

I can't face you, it's too hard
I can't stand it when you're afar.
Come closer to me
and I'll be closer to you.
Don't avoid me
like it isn't true.
Why can't you see?
I'm too shy to say anything.

When we are close by
I can't even look you in the eyes.
This couldn't be more difficult
or more frustrating at that.
I wish
I wish you didn't stare at me
like that.
Like you expected more
more from plain ole' me
well tell me this:
who the he** am i supposed to be?
If you're bothered by this
more than me.
Take matters into your own hands
and come and talk to me.

The author's comments:
Just a awkward situation i guess. GAwh! why are boys so difficult? D:<

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