Something Has Got to Give

November 8, 2011
By Nayelle BRONZE, Spring Valley, New York
Nayelle BRONZE, Spring Valley, New York
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Love=Lust. everyone is out to satisfy themselves. Unhapy with wut they have, they forsake real gold, for cheap copper. Too impatient to fuel the fire wit passion, dey rather have temporary action. - Natanaelle Germain

Deprived of Light
Void of Colors vivid
Not even a hint of a black veil, of which to lift and unmask
Passionless sleep
This is my rest
Dreamless sleep

Eyes averted
Cast down, fixed upon sullen dust
Atmosphere heavy with hostile animosity
Stagnant bitter air
Scrunched tight into a ball
Invisibility the goal
Fingers flex and unflex
Knuckles drained of heatened color
Emotions jumbled
Tears threatening by impending doom
Ripples of harsh callous inflections cut at the skin

Disconnected is what I feel
Translucent, I’m here but I am not
I see, I hear, I wish to know and understand
But mine are the eyes you refuse to meet.
Quiet and to the side, must not say a word
Society has not the patience

Breathing but dead
Awake but sleeping
Colorful but dull
First a spark, then fire ignites
Engulfing, destroying, and leaving only ash as evidence to the fact that there once was more.
Burnt and black, yet soft
Broken yet beautiful
A tear that holds weight no man can bear
A smile that conceals pain to arduous to share
Content in misery, despondency provides its own company:
Atelophobia, apathy, and chasm
I provide a place, they set the mood
And altogether we party
Inside out
Outside afraid to go in
Invited and welcome but foreign
Content but hungry for more
Satisfied yearning to be filled
Labeled complacency, sensible avidity
Something has got to give

The author's comments:
This is a few poems i wrote put together. Different times in my life that i noticed reflected a common feeling.

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