a poem about the hungry

November 8, 2011
By Anonymous

there’s a man in a new suit
sitting on a curb
under a freeway overpass
eating his lunch with another man
who lives there.

they’re talking about the football game
that only one of them watched
and the man in the suit spills grilled onions
out the back of his sandwich and they both laugh.

it’s raining like it usually is
but the overpass keeps them both dry
and they talk about rain and their sandwiches
and the football game again
and that’s all they talk about.

then the man in the new suit stands up
with a grilled onions stain on his pants,
thanks the man under the overpass for lunch
who nods,
and the man in the suit goes back to work
and they are both satisfied
until dinner

when they both eat alone

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