The Moon of Tranquility

November 8, 2011
By Aubrie PLATINUM, Lancaster, Ohio
Aubrie PLATINUM, Lancaster, Ohio
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Walking in the dark that night
Black all around me
I felt so isolated
Alone with my thoughts
The glowing moon, illuminated in the sky
A symbol of serenity
The only figure I could see
I was alone, but I was not
Quiet creatures rustling among the shadows
Curious by my very prescence
A wolf cries in the distance
I shiver, gathering my arms close to my chest
I continue walking
In this darkness, an unknown trail
The moon is my only guidance
I am then left with with a sense of tranquility
As I lift my eyes and gaze
Into the beaming white orb
The clouds serve as its throne
I am fulfilled with wonder and mutual peace
Walking in the dark that night

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