The Look

November 8, 2011
By Sarahjane17 SILVER, Macedon, New York
Sarahjane17 SILVER, Macedon, New York
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Two people in this world I could not live without
My father and my sister, without a doubt

Like father, like daughter acting the same
Using sunglasses to hide sadness and shame

Just when I think they’re doing fine
Their sad eyes meet mine

My dad seems so strong
Until he hears that song

Then his eyes get glossy
And he’s not being bossy

The tears are there but he’s holding back
I want to help him get back on track

The look he’s giving me breaks my heart
Like being hit in the lung with a really long dart

My sister is the strongest girl I know
But her strong front doesn’t always show

The day I turned around she had the look in her eye
I didn’t know how to help but I had to try

Those tears were streaming down her face
Their origins we cannot trace

When I see that look I feel as though
Every part of my body hurts- even my little toe

Both of these people get the look
And its like I’m caught with a fish hook

I know they need me whether they hide it or not
And when I give them a hug I fall into my spot

There’s but one thing I can do
To let my tears fall too

The author's comments:
Have you ever had a friend or family member going through a really tough time and you just didnt know how to help? thats where this comes from

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