Nature Prevails

November 8, 2011
The golden fields
Sparkle in the light of day.
Though we whiz past them,
Allowing ourselves only a tease,
Only a glance at them
And their beauty,
I know that their likeness,
Their beauty and their magic
Can never be captured.
Not on screens
Nor on billboards,
Never to be caught
By the snap of a shutter.
These screens distract,
The billboards steal
Our attention,
Our money,
The cameras lock out hearts
In the past
And make us bitter.
Society hides us away
From ourselves
From what we really are
From the answers,
Or the lack thereof,
From nature.
But nature prevails.
Sometime in our lives,
Each of us will discover our secret,
The universal secret,
And we will be free.

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