I was not

November 16, 2011
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She says....

She was pretty.
I was not.
She was skinny.
I was not.
She was popular.
I was not.
She was creative.
I was not.
She made you laugh.
I did not.
She made you smile.
I did not.
She stole your heart.
I did not.

So why didn’t you choose her?
Why did you pick me?
She had everything.
I had nothing.
She was special to you.
I was just a friend.
What made you change your mind?
Did you see something in me that no one else saw?
I was quiet.
She was not.
I was gentle.
She was not.
I was plain.
She was not.
I loved to help others.
She did not.
I was just a friend.
She was not.
I cared about your heart.
She did not.
I was in love with you.
She was not.

On the surface I seemed average.
I looked normal and ordinary.
But you saw something else.
You looked beyond skin deep.
You saw my heart.
You treasured my heart.
You took my heart.
And you never gave it back.
She played with your heart.
I did not.
She did not love you.
I did.
She thought you loved her.
You did not.
You loved me.

He says....
She was fake.
You were beautiful.
She tried too hard.
You were natural.
She was a flirt.
You had character.
She was a painter.
You were an artist.
She hid behind funny jokes.
You had a true personality.
She made me smile on the outside
You made me smile on the inside.
She stole my heart.
I gave you my heart.
I never choose her.
I always loved you.
She was a distraction.
You were too good for me.
I never liked her.
You were the only one I wanted.
It was love at first sight
I saw your heart which made you beautiful to me.
You were thoughtful.
She was obnoxious.
You were sweet.
She was selfish.
You were simple.
She was complicated.
You were caring.
She was self centered.
You were my love.
She was no one.
You saw my heart.
She only saw my outside.
I thought you were just being nice to me.
She just used me.

You were beyond incredible.
You were special and unique.
I knew there was something different.
You were so beautiful to me.
I saw the beauty of your heart.
I loved your heart.
I was careful with your heart.
I kept your heart close to my own.
She ruined my heart.
You took my heart and put it together again.
She used me.
You loved me.
I never loved her.
I only loved you.
And you will always be mine.

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olemisslady17 said...
Dec. 7, 2011 at 12:18 pm
This is...wow...my only word is wow.
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