Must Be Thin...

November 15, 2011
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Can’t you see them?
Sleek, straight hair
Beautiful faces
Beautiful teeth
Size 0 waists and hips?
They waltz around and giggle
In that way only the perfect American teen can
So what am I?
Curvy like an Indian
With a black girl’s butt
Tiny teeth
Flat brown eyes
Hair that never stays in place
I want to see my bones
Pretty colors flood a porcelain bowl
As my lips go up in flames
A secret I kept under my skin
Now floats before me
I am disgusted
As I see what I put into my mouth
The future me would be so proud I was so strong
Goal: 145
Goal: 130
Goal: 125
Goal: 0
0 is perfect
0 is beautiful
How I long for 0…

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