November 15, 2011
By Schoolrulesonoccations GOLD, Port Orchard, Washington
Schoolrulesonoccations GOLD, Port Orchard, Washington
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Words, are the beginning and the voice is the ending, but thinking is the hardest step when comprehending. What am I going to write about? Where are my thoughts now? Blank as the paper before me, nothing is entering my brain now. I have nothing, just a white mind, unknown calling its thinking time. Soon my mind is filled with thoughts cramming and stuffing there way through my small open slots. Filling the rooms, yet now I can explore. Explore the thoughts I wish write and pluck them from left to right, to let them find the paper that I am trying to write. Now I see what the ending product will be. So now later I will see the ideas from my mind all cleared out in an orderly fashion, by 1,2,3 and come back later when i'm in dire need, for ideas you see. So having an empty mind isn't as bad as you would think it would be.

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