Do you really wanna know?

November 15, 2011
By Aroblez95 BRONZE, Vallejo, California
Aroblez95 BRONZE, Vallejo, California
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"Now don't you understand man universal law
What you throw out comes back to you, star
Never underestimate those who you scar
Cause karma, karma, karma comes back to you hard"
— Lauryn Hill

"You can be mad as a mad god at the way things went. You can swear and curse the fates... but when it comes to the end... you have to let go."

Do you really wanna know where I wanna go?
Do you really wanna see what I want to be?
Do you really wanna hear all of my dreams?
Do you really want to get to know me?
How am I supposed to know if what you say is true?
When you don't love me and I don't love you?
When you have no idea of what my heart has been through?
Hell and back; don't wanna go through a relapse
I'm tired of hearing lies of the same old things
Like I wanna get to know you personally
When personally you thinking sexually
When I am just feeling you mentally, for now
And what if I trust you enough to go down south?
Saying all the right things, telling me we gonna last
but then when you finish in me,
you leave forever and your just another person in my past..
I don't wanna go through all that
But if you really do wanna know, make it so your feelings show
so I can see that what I'm expressing is a big deal,
and that your love for me may be real.

The author's comments:
From this poem I hope that people know that you should be with someone who wants to be there by your side when you have dreams and ambitions.

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