November 14, 2011
By JessC. BRONZE, Los Altos, California
JessC. BRONZE, Los Altos, California
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Sadness is a dull gray.
It smells like the damp earth after a rainstorm,
The dense, humid air as a blanket of mist covers a hill.
It smells of an empty house, bare of furniture and family,
And the smoke of a dying fireplace with embers barely alive.

Sadness tastes like salty tears streaming down flushed cheeks,
And the bile that rises in your throat after crying for too long.
The taste of sadness is the empty air flavored with solitude.
It is like comfort food you eat after the loss of a family member.

It feels like the dropping in you when you are on a rollercoaster,
The empty pit in you when you lose something you cannot replace.
It reminds one of when you try hard to do one thing but never achieve it,
Or the ache in your heart when you say your final goodbyes to loved ones.

Sadness sounds like the heavy, racking sobs of a stressed soul,
And the sad song of tired birds in a dark forest.
The sniffles of a scared child as their parents fight.
It sounds like the echoes of screams off a cave wall,
Or the plop of a dropped rock in a deep pond as it sinks further and further down.

The author's comments:
Sadness is an emotion that everyone faces in their lives. I wrote this poem to describe in words the true feeling of sadness. I hope that you like it! :)

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