The Worth of Misery

November 14, 2011
By fallengreat BRONZE, McCroy, Arkansas
fallengreat BRONZE, McCroy, Arkansas
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What worth is life if it's misery?
When you want someone with a passion that breaks you down feeling by feeling.
Till your no more than a grain of sand.
Just rigid pieces that can't be put back together.
The grain bulging with a heartbeat that survives on hope and cigarettes.
A rush of nicotine to forget, to actually bring some life.
to keep the grain crawling on the floor.
To keep the wind from blowing the pieces away in the dark so more pain can't swallow it.
And the hope... almost a lie to yourself.
Makes you think " God I'm a f*****g idiot", but, that same hope lets you know there is a chance.
But there is a point, where hope and cigarettes can no longer help.
Where the grains of sand will wash away in the sea.
Where they will dissolve in the plague called life.
And will soon be forgotten.

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