Notes from the Descendant of Eve

November 14, 2011
By winieandrea PLATINUM, Pekalongan, Other
winieandrea PLATINUM, Pekalongan, Other
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“One is a life for two, and two lives are but for one:
A body for a body and a soul for a soul;
One for another and another for one.”
Wrote He, the Creator of All.

Oh, let the words be carved into my soul!
For no such words could I ever find
Here in the world of a new order,
Where the Human Scale no longer
Reveals a faultless equilibrium.

No other sanctity could I ever find
Here in the Earths of the Abominable.
For they may always say with disdain,
“Demise to you, despicable ones!
For the Creator of All loathe you, deceivers of mankind!
For if Eve was no temptress,
All may hail us high in Eden’s throne.
Forever shall you wail in the great below,
And thereof hail us, the Descendent of Adam.”

May the Creator give us mercy!
And to those fiends caged in blasphemous lust,
May He grant you your fair reward!

For your pride shall you reap bloodshed,
As a dark horse you declare another vanity.
And let me tell you what bloodshed this deceiver bears:
An Alpha from which The Creator bestowed upon,
Tearing my limbs apart skin by skin and bones to bones,
Yet here I am still standing steadily on the quivering grounds.

So the glory shall be ours—
Us, whom you cursed to become the dirt.
But once upon a time was a myth,
And a tale remains a tale until it befalls.

So I shall step out and cries—
Shall I step out and soar high to the sky?
For us, the Descendants of Eve are still as frail,
Yearning for grace, like desert yearning for Your tears.

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