The End

November 14, 2011
By Eagle PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
Eagle PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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The storms been brewing
Above our heads, and through the world
The ideas been placed

The pastor’s been preaching
And the people following
Spending their money
Planning for their safety, their survival

The end of the world
The apocalypse
Judgment day

The name of an idea doesn’t change it
It’s only a different title
Not a different conception

Here we have three
Three wordings for
The end of life as we know it

Which, is a scary topic
An utterly petrifying one in fact
The idea the world could end in a day

One day, that’s it
One in hundreds of thousands
And it could all be over

In some ways
We take comfort in predictions of that day
In movies, in books, in the media

We want to give the idea
That we have some sort of control
Over the event or when it’s going to take place

But alas we don’t
And we never really will
So we’ll wait and see when it comes

Tomorrow or years from now
We won’t know until it comes

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