November 14, 2011
By trice31190 BRONZE, Ridgeland, South Carolina
trice31190 BRONZE, Ridgeland, South Carolina
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Lie has been defined through times as the personal consciousness or absence of mind of a slight, a deceit, a sin, a betrayal on a life size or minute scale

But the commonality; a consensus of the masses on the blasphemy of tongue is that its determined worth does not measure its hurt

To lie is to utter, express,fake until you make, bamboozle, fool, and exaggerate what you know to be an unreality of YOUR reality

The realest: the foundation of common sense and rationality do not have to speak

All has fallen to the temptation of the forked tongue

Golden syllables that seem to solidify your present desires or what you think to be relevant

But the TRUTH is an unburdened experience of enlightenment

And although to live FREE of the tune of the Pied Pipers lullaby of pretext and reading between the proverbial lines drawn in the sand of ignorance

Is a hindrance of your social "networking" that has become your life

Think beyond once more than twice and choose to be FREE

TRUTH is tear ducts relieved of the overweight rivers of regret and the deflation of the pompous "swag"

TRUTH is the half that I thought was my whole is a missing enigma in my existence and I am complete

TRUTH is that you couldn't bring me to the dirt to be another grain of nothing under the shadow of others footsteps hovering in greatness as they trudge forward

TRUTH is that my hurt physical or the sharp throb that accompanies my heart beat is a TEMPORARY assembly

All has fallen to the temptation of the forked tongue

Its sting drips into my veins like battery acid rupturing my being to counterpart its TRUTH

Now I'm free

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