Broken Ballerina

November 14, 2011
By jrose014 BRONZE, New York City, New York
jrose014 BRONZE, New York City, New York
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I stand on the tips of my toes, enduring,the pain. I hold myself high like a swan
being born.

The grueling pain we have to go through,
the practices that I’m addicted to,
the rehearsals and competitions I just
cannot stay away from, take me
away from reality which
I need to escape

I am an origami.
My shapes will not falter, no I will push and vividly move, despite my flaws I will
deliver. These precise movements we master; it’s the elegance we pretend we’re after.

The dances I create are beautiful just as much as they are
Sharp shards of glass enter through my feet
but the pleading red is just the beginning.
I cannot fight this passion.
This is my moment, my decision,
you cannot steal my spotlight.

My relationship is to my mirror, in which
I lust for dancing. The physical art I am able to create is so fragile and
innocent and hypnotizing.
Painful pleasures can only be so
satisfing; tearing me from my

Perfection is the key, acting like it’s effortless is the emotional experience onedoesn’t see.
The price you have to pay
is incalculable, every kick, turn and jump
is so very valuable.

Balance! Allegro! Arabesque!
Chasse! Fouette! Every second of the day.
I am a prisoner to this talent, my ankles are bound with chains. I am tied to the music
Counting the beats along the way.

I am shattered—unable to
pick up the pieces. What better way to seem perfect than dancing like it? This is not my
living hell rather it’s my delicacy. I cannot
journey away from these beautiful

I am a balletomane, I cannot deny it.
Will you join me in my pas de deux?


Balance- rocking step; shifting weight from one foot to another.

Allegro- brisk movements.

Arabesque- standing on one leg with the other extended behind in a 90 degree angle.

Balletomane- a ballet enthusiast.

Chasse- when one foot literally chases another foot continuously.

Fouette- whipping movement of the legs and feet.

Pas de deux- dance for two

The author's comments:
I have the utmost respect for dancers, but what went on beyond the grace is what intrigued me. I hope people understand that it takes great passion and dedication to do something you love, and that they shouldn't judge the art based on only what they see.

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