November 14, 2011
By D.Mage PLATINUM, Vernon, Arizona
D.Mage PLATINUM, Vernon, Arizona
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im a emo vampire

everything is perfect in its own what and I realize that now but before I didn't,Ive gone though heart break of one love I understood and was happy with.

This love had a name an that name was Tony but,sI'mpley he misunderstood me an looked for more,better.So sI'mplely he thought he could get away with a lie that tear use apart.I couldn't bare to believe that he had lied an sharted the one perfect thing that everyone holds.But sI'mplely after you shatter it,there's no way of fixing it,no way to even find other.
I ran,jumping from one to other to try an fix the pain and find perfection again but, sI'mpley I couldn't there was none then I went to see if I could find
perfection in pain.But all that caused was scares physically &, mentally nothing became of the Angy but sorrow an holness that was worse then
before,but seemingly bleak and satisfying even with the slI'm insane addition to bleed an drink thy self's purity.
Then I met one who seemed oblioze to the world she had no heart,no emission,as even if it seemed no pain ether she seemed as a closed locked box with not,
a key or code but a mind that sees perfect an nothing else but only to see her self not others or little things only what seemed to belong sometI'mes thous,
things didn't matter ether.
Me on the other hand toke risks almost died though thy half of em,but survIved I tried to waste every scenand as if it were my last,instead of enjoying it
like I should and, look for what I was ruing after in the first place.I was blinded by the greed of Passion,money,lust.The world and all it had,
no tI'me taken to even see the rain as it whistles like screams of joy or terror, nor the snow pure white like heaven or a cloak to hide thy evil and destroy
Never tI'me was token to see or enjoy,not to have seen or enjoy perfection when we had it,with this scourge of greed each human has were all looking for
something but never seem satisfied anfu to care worth any, whether it be money,love or revenge on thous who hurt use like Tony hurt me instead of
revenge I ran an now is lost.while well she saw perfection but never expressed or explored only understood there for trapped in her little box of a
world.And thy self well you can say I'm still running but soon there will be an end, I will run out of my luck,tI'ming,speed,soon anfu I will die out and miss
the world around me why she was slow an good but never spoke and,he was evil and greedy but stayed natural getting worse by the second.

So think,look,act,proceed,contie slow anfu were we lIve an not stop but slow anfu were we enjoy in stead of speeding...

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