To my "best friends"

November 14, 2011

do you remember?
when we decided to be friends to the end
we'd be closer than two peas because the pod has to end
we'd be tighter than a knot because each knot has a bend

obviously, our decision wasn't made with precision
cause i've found an incision that threatens a crack
and we'll never get back
cause cracks become craters, good friends become haters
we put on a good show
i wish u were my enemy so i'd keep you close
but i won't fool myself there's no hope, no one knows
how we got so far apart. i can't even start to
find my way back to the place that you had
in my heart

The author's comments:
It can be difficult to find friends that love you for who you are. So when you get them keep them close. If they aren't as close as you thought they were, let them go!

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