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November 14, 2011
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its been so long , since i took my vitamins
but my youth my restlessness keep me from feeling it.
you know, the pain the fatigue the regret
the feelings you get when you pet an egret and you realize its not a dog, not a hog but a bird
its absurd that it took you so long. haven't you heard about the teacher who left her class
out on the grass. y u so fass? need to haul ur a.......
nevermind don't think i'll go there i'll just follow the track of my mind i'm behind the normal flow theres no show here but there is one at school, i tried out for it too. it was fun, almost done can't wait for the food. cuz thursday is new year, the year of the hare. its not hare on your head but the hare that runs from you bed to the streets it goes: hippity-hop, drippity-drop. as you hear it, you heart beats stops cuz instead of hops and drops you hear words and they tug on the strings of your heart. whats that part? of the song that you sing on the path to your heart on the walk way to life
should we start?

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