Wishes on stars don't come true

November 14, 2011

Days melt to weeks melt to months without you
And I’m fine my heart doesn’t break into two
incongruous pieces that don’t seem to fit.
It doesn’t matter, I’m good its not like we split.
But the instant you walk back into my life
I can’t seem to help the feelings that arise.
I feel like crying but I’m not sad
I hear you lying but I’m not mad.
My heart picks up pace, my breathes start to race
and I trace your movement with my eyes
My face becomes my disguise
and you can’t see. Me. I’m shouting at you.
I’m wondering, do you feel the same way too?
Or am I imagining, wishing its true
But its not
Its just
My mind

The author's comments:
Ah... unrequited love really is something isn't it? Not that I would ever tell anyway!

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