Awake, Alone

November 14, 2011
Lost, trapped, in a demented dimension,
Not my own
Forever will I embrace its cold,
Cold darkness
Cold and nauseous,
As strangers walk by
No look in their eyes
of Love

And I, desirous,
of One to love.
Infinite Love
To love me to sleep,
To lull me to sleep

The taste of Darkness
black as Night, or,
bitter, is right.
For whom can I call my own?
Whom can I love in this infinite night?
Who else, since you leave?, abandon me?

Forever will I desire,
Forever will I embrace,

For why did I allow you to penetrate my heart?
you left, an empty feeling resides,
My amorous desire,
for Oneness,
Forever will abide
In my still beating heart.
It beats?
Forever will I be

Rage-full feeling fills me
that my God permits me to live, survive,
Yet my soul, my spirit, does not will it
My Lungs keep me still living
My Heart keeps me not willing

Is it so wrong, so wrong,
So Great a Sin,
to Fall for you,
that I be punished,... for Loving?

Yet it matters not, and into eternity, my love,

Forever will I desire,
Forever will I embrace,
Forever will I want, love,

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