November 14, 2011
By , Des Plaines, IL
Daddy, Wake up and talk to me, I know you can hear me

Oh wait never mind you cant because you're not even near here

Where are u daddy you were supposed to see me

I guess you're too busy to even call your little baby

But daddy Am I not your little angel

Remember how we used to sit by the couch and listen to the Beatles

Or is it my memories that are being tormenting by the devils

The past bring so much pain and yet I wonder if u even remember my name

As I go to my memories trying to find a way to understand

I realized I’m growing up and cant no longer be called your little girl

Who am I kidding I was never really the daddy’s little princess type

But I have that question in my mind

The question of what led us to this?

I think I know, was it because I flee across the world

Is that why you did it

Did you finally feel free

Daddy was I your jail

Was me leaving gave you freedom?

Was it?

Its don't matter now, because when we meet one day I will forgive you

Not because its the right thing to do

Because once upon a time I was helpless too

And you will look at me and cry because you will see that I turned out okay

Daddy don't feel bad now because you didn't feel bad then

Daddy I hate you

I hate the fact I cant stop loving you

The fact that I cant look at myself and not look at you

I hate you because you were supposed to be the last one that would ever hurt me

I hate you because you're a big part of me.

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