I Love You

November 14, 2011
By lexxie94 BRONZE, Ocean City, Maryland
lexxie94 BRONZE, Ocean City, Maryland
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and I'll just be myself, never give in. play the cards Ive been dealt. love and hate. rock this world, and always smile ♥ - me

that's what you make life
your arms cloaking reality,
a safeguard to my hazardous surrounding
assuring my innocence, my purity,
and shunning my fears,
the love I have for you
sealed tight, lock and key
forever striving in a world of romantic dysfunction
the tender scent of confounding society
bitter to skeptics,
two hands have never been so worthy,
lips never so absolute when pressed as one,
two persons never greatly aspired to stop the world around them,
two lives never so fulfilled that they crave one another,
when apart, no pain as ample or pressing,
laying next to you
inhaling your aura
so adjoined you can hear the pulsing of my heart
body heat has never been so alleviating,
so indefinable,
so in love.

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