My Auburn Tree

November 14, 2011
By WhiteRaven89 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
WhiteRaven89 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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My Auburn Tree,
When I stand under your copper umbrella
With your dying leaves in my frost cold hands,
I remember the first time I loved you.
It was the day when I fell in love with him.

Your verdure had just turned into the hue of the setting sun.
We were leaning on your dark unyielding body,
Hands in pockets, keeping ourselves warm
From the first bitter breeze of winter
With laughs and smiles.

Then He looked at me and I looked at him.
His eyes are the same shade of the soft blue sky above us.
I remember how your golden light shone down on my eyes,
When He gently kissed my lips,
When He touched my flushed cheek.

Every time I stand under you,
My Auburn Tree,
I remember the first time I loved you.
I still do,
Almost as much as I love him.

Can I ask you something, my beautiful Auburn Tree?
Will I love you next year?

Will I stand under your copper umbrella,
With your dying leaves in my hands?

Will I still love his eyes of soft blue sky?

Let’s wait and see.

After your leaves have fallen and reborn again,
I’ll stand once more under your golden light.

But for now,
Let me stand with you,

My Auburn Tree.

The author's comments:
I love autumn. I love how the leaves turn bright and fiery. It's a wonderful change from the usual all year-round green where I live. I was inspired to write this poem by looking at the yellow and red trees.

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