If Your Judging Me On First Impressions; I Think You Need A Second Opinion.

November 14, 2011
By Urisan GOLD, Grayson, Georgia
Urisan GOLD, Grayson, Georgia
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"every heart break is another wound, the key is to let it scar.. carry the memory with you dont forget it, it makes you who you are and teaches you how not to treat other people you love.. a scar is proof you healed.. have pride in your scars!!................ " by Dalila Christen Roman

If I lied to you about anything, it was only the truth.

The last four years of memories have held me closer to you.

Typically anything that gets to serious triggers a self conscious need to leave but,

the thought of going makes it harder for me to breath.

In fact the more I move, the weaker I get in the knees.

The truth is I would probably do it all over again.

If it meant this time we would be more then friends.

The moral is.... Well I guess its that love is annoying.

And without you my life would be really boring.

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