silent prayer

November 14, 2011
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miss their target
me go
let me go
let me go, let me go...

surrounds the velvet
the mushroom cloud
the acid rain
its acid rain
don’t let me go
is real, here
is a myth

a myth, a myth
a myth that we
keep wishing
in the star we can’t let go
targets missed
targets made
i wish...
i wish

for the sun to know our pain
i wish for dirt we stand on to know our hope
i wish for the people we shoot
to know our sorrow
to know our lives
to know
we cared
(but not enough,
not yet)

i wish for the oil to dry up
and the power
to fizz down
and i wish
just to see
how we (the world)
might cope
and if we could
and sometimes, i wish
for a disaster, worse
than bin laden
that will force the world to sit
down together
and figure out this peace thing
and anyone who resists,
we’ll send them off
to a tiny island
where no one will notice
until they blow up the world
and say
told ya so, it
would never work

and i keep wishing,

and wishing,

and wishing.

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