Dr. Fitzgeralds Wise Words

November 14, 2011
when does one know they are a psychopath?
we all act like one at some point.
how do you know what you are not supposed to realize?
if a doctor doesn’t tell you it is so, is it so?
is it possible if you exhibit every tendency known to psychologists,
to be a psychopath without a written in stone diagnosis.
is anything real?
is anything that you think is, ever really something of substantial use?
when an a**hole with a degree says your a liar, are you?
when your mother screams in your face..
why do you think its funny?
can you ever really be in love.
my refrigerator based self-diagnosis says you cant.
thats bulls***
i am.
i know.
is a funny word,
it has a way of turning eyes into pictures of hell
seems to take on a new meaning if you sleep with it.
something more comfortable.
uses you, makes madly in love, and leaves
your hands twisted up into a shape of halloween masks.

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