love for the one i trusted the most

November 14, 2011
By ajaderay1 BRONZE, Meriden, Kansas
ajaderay1 BRONZE, Meriden, Kansas
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bite me

Can’t contain my feeling’s you make my heart “thump.”
Nothing, NO one will ever make me feel good.
If time would let me I would literally be by your side every waking minute.
Some people say the heart holds you back I say it’s the only reason I breathe.
My decisions have brought me to you so I do not regret a single one.
With each kiss I can feel the passion growing.
You are my soul but you have my heart.
I lay my head on your chest I can hear the rhythm “thump” then your breath “thump.”
Your voice can drive me crazy…crazy,
I am already there though,
When I am with you…
You make me feel sane again.
My arms are scarred but with your touch they heal up.
They say nothing ever lasts but I have a feeling this will.
Our memories will be known far and wide.
We have suffered a lot but we hold on to each other.
We won’t turn our backs on each other.
I want you to know that you’ll always have me.
I ask you to hold on to my heart,
because it breaks easy.
Every time I hear your voice I blush and smile.
I have never been this close to someone before,
I am glad that I let you in.
I can’t explain my full feelings but I can try and hope you know what I feel.
I don’t want to let go of you.
If you asked me to let go I wouldn’t fight I would do as told.
My love is for only one person and if you looked in a mirror you would see my true love.
Your breath is all it takes to make my heart beat.
We don’t care for each others flaws.
I see true love in your eyes,
I hope you see true love in mine as well.
Forever is a long time so we can get started today.
I am holding my breath when you’re not with me. I wish you could see through my eyes, You could see the true you that I see. Never hold back I want people to see the true you too.

The author's comments:
i wroght it when i lernd to love.

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