Finding Love

November 14, 2011
When you're caught between love and lust you experience trouble after trouble.
Love is the most powerful emotion of all.
Yet, lust follows close behind.
When deciding between love and lust you experience a sense of dizziness from the overwhelming stress on what you truly are seeing.
Love never hides it is lust that is a mirage.
Lust takes many forms.
On first glance you see what seems to be a sense of love, but looking closely you actually see that it is a sense of timidness and procrastination.
You become timid because you always want to be careful of what you're getting into an the fact that hurting the one person you could eventually love would kill you inside.
With procrastination you become okay with not getting anywhere because of fear.
Letting fear overcome love holds you back from experiencing something beyond measure.
When you take the first step into accepting love there's always the chance of pain or heartbreak.
But, with time there's the chance that you find someone you feel you belong with and you find the happiness you have been looking for your entire life.
With happiness you can do so much and become so much more!
The hardest part about love is truly finding it.
Don't let lust take over and fool you, always be wise because if you don't realize it you may miss what is right in front of your eyes and pass up your chance with true love!

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