November 14, 2011
By , Ridge, NJ
A dog laid on the side of the road, hurt.
Its paw bleeds
Cars fly by,
Ignoring the injured dog.
As each car passed, the whimpers grew louder and louder.

A car pulls over.
An old man gets out,
Walks to the suffering dog,
And examines her.
He strokes her coarse fur.

She stops whining.
Her breathing slows.
Her paw continues to bleed excessively.
She began to relax and a feeling of harmony took place.
Her aged eyelids shut,
Never to open again.

The old man picks up the limp body,
Lays it on the soft grass.
He walks along the busy road picking dandelions.
Goes back to the dog,
And adores her with the yellow flowers.

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