Stand Alone Always

November 13, 2011
By , Pascagoula, MS
She was a fearless dreamer, a walking tragedy
Beautiful, fierce, calamitous, true
Unlike other girls, authentic yet
she could have conquered the world

But her dreams of big city lights
and effervescent, sleepless nights were
Pushed aside and left to strive
in forgotten, lunchbox days

And although she's done things worth regretting
And she's been shattered on the floor
Feeling like all the doors have all been closed
She won't stop searching till she finds a window

Still clutching tightly to her dreams
all shaped carelessly but carefully
All she wanted was somebody who cares
And a chance to break free of her small town nightmare

But they saw taking chances as her vice
But despite the fall, which they said was her fate
It only made her stronger
Despite the critics, despite the hate

And even though she was surrounded by friends
She felt alone in the crowd
Because competing with everyone else
Made her lose herself

Until you stopped believing in her
She believed in everything
All she wanted was the rainbow
So she stood her ground and challenged the rain

Her hunger for love was fueled by her heart
Which was filled with an ambition for life
Is this what made her so fierce?
So determined, so dogged?

She knew she must be herself first
In order to be someone
A person worth looking up to
A person worth loving

It was everything she wanted and everything she needed
It's never too late to be brand new
To conquer the world
To be more beautiful, fierce, calamitous, true

Dream big and dare to fall
Is what she always says
Something worth feeling
Something just worth it

Unfortunately, the world was blind
Her dreams were her, always were
Like a picture with a broken frame
A girl who never gave up and never gave in

She kept believing and broke down the walls
Now a little rough around the edges
and not quite whole
But it happens to us all

She found strength in the struggle
When her courage roared and her fear fell
She started to shine, started to breathe
She began to speak out, dream big and live loud

To change the world is an improvement
But to be the change is a feat
If standing alone is what it takes
She'll stand alone always

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