Broken Headphones

November 13, 2011
By JacobWollam GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
JacobWollam GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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The notes coming through my head phones
blaring slightly flatter than before. The voice just
doesn't resonate like it used to. You know maybe
it's the sky right now, its been awful gray
as of late. Maybe it's because they just don't
sound as good when they aren't coming from someone real.
If you ask me the world needs a little more fire,
a little more rolling thunder and star gazing. Whatever
happened to that romanticism, that sweet love for
what was going on around you. I miss the pigments
and the poems and the chance at real expression.
Maybe we could burn the sky, then at least
we'd have some color before it all faded back to gray.
Everyone seems to be wishing on shooting stars
and no one ever seems to actually follow through.
What happened to accountability, to making a way
when there isn't one in the immeadiate view. I finally found my way
and it suddenly seems that everyone else lost theirs.
But back to square one isn't really an option anymore,
I guess it never was. Music just keeps coming and with
every note they sing I hear less and less. Maybe it's because
the world around us is just gray. Maybe it's because I heard
your laugh and saw your smile and can finally tell the difference.

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