November 13, 2011
By Molly Truitt BRONZE, Windsor, Connecticut
Molly Truitt BRONZE, Windsor, Connecticut
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Friendship is like stained glass,
No two sheets are exactly the same.
It is impossible to cut it,
The same way it was traced onto paper,
Or pictured in your mind.
If you focus on how it doesn’t look,
You end up ruining it trying to fix imperfection,
And it still doesn’t look good to you.
If you don’t handle it correctly,
The edges cut or stab your fingers and hands,
Making it harder to keep working,
Unless you file the edges down.
And even then,
You can burn yourself sottering
Leaving a sometimes painful mark.

But if you keep focus on the positives,
Not on what other people say,
Taking the time to watch what you’re doing.
Not rushing through anything,
Yet not hanging over anything either,
Even if it seems boring, unfixable, or imperfect.
Letting yourself see
How the small mistake you made,
Actually improved the overall appearance,
Or helped you see what you did wrong.
Realizing that if it doesn’t look perfect,
Then you haven’t really put it up to the light
To see how the colors pop out at you.

Friendship is like stained glass,
Once it has truly been broken,
You can’t fix it.
You just have to move on and find another piece,
And notice how the change in color,
While it may not have been what you’d planned
Perhaps made the piece look better in the end.

The author's comments:
Inspired by my 9th grade class, my art teacher Ms. Nalewajk, and a close friend.

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