Broken mess.

November 13, 2011
You left me confused.
Wondering and waiting.

I didn't matter enough for you to tell me,
So you just ignored me.

You didn't want me
As you had your eve on someone else.

So, Just say it.
Those words that came screaming out.

Are you happy and wondering is she want you always wanted?
And tell me
Can you sleep at night knowing what you did to me?

When you seen my tear filled eyes that day
After I seen you kiss her that way.

Did you feel bad, or was it a joy?
A sick joy in your sick head?

Did you ever ask yourself if was Okay?
If you want to know the truth, "No, I wasn't."

You broke and shattered my heart
As I could barely get out of bed.

I couldn't eat or sleep,
For I am a broken mess.

You just used me a toy,
As if I really mattered to you

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