Lost You

November 13, 2011
By doldrums SILVER, Sanford, North Carolina
doldrums SILVER, Sanford, North Carolina
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"If you can't accept people for their faults, you will never like anyone."

Ah, sweet flower.
How beautiful!
There are none such as thee.
I press my nose into your petals,
And drink in the wispy scents.
How glorious you are.
My prize.
My love.

I've ripped you from your stem,
And as I pinch the end
I drink you in.
I memorize the curve of every petal,
But never look behind you.
I can't see the slow decay,
Of your heart,
And soon mine.

I pulled off each petal,
In awe of the iridescence,
That each one shows.
I pinch,
And pull,
Until each petal,
Has come off,
Leaving a lonely, drooping carcass.
The beauty is scattered,
And I cannot find my way.
I grope for your petals,
But they've all,
Floated away.

The author's comments:
Once I had a relationship where I didn't realize how much I hurt him.

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