To watch history in the eyes of another

November 13, 2011
By gandele BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
gandele BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
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You scare me
You’re not life
And you’re not the future
But you’re a sick reminder of the past

When I see your every move
It strikes a petrified sense of fear into my heart
The very fragileness of your smile is enough to send me into a fit of tears

I look back and realize I missed all the signs
I can't believe another fell captive to the rage of tears
Another has to suffer through the never-ending haze

I remember dropping hints
Hoping those around would notice
But none did
Few came close
But I pulled its roots before it became a pitiful weed

I filled notebooks with the hopes one would look
But with a fear one would find
I slowly withdrew
But somehow emerged from my own grave

I remember those nights that never seemed to end
Those times I'd follow the crowd to feel better
But nothing worked
I truly can't remember how it finally ended
But I'm glad it did

Because I fell
Fell hard and broke

And I spend those endless seconds of everyday clawing my way up and out
But I see the look in your eyes
That same look I used to get
And it scares me

I feel no sorrow
No pain

But regret and fear
Are all I've come to know about you

I know that look
I used to try that hard
And force that every smile
I'm sorry you have to face the challenge
But I'm glad you had the courage
That I failed to find

At least you could find help
When I battled all on my own
Chipping away at that wall that held me in
Those tears that spilled still haunt me at every corner

It's a false sense of superiority
It's a sense that life how became less than you wanted
But truly it's just sad
And I'm sorry you have to go through this
But I promise there's an end
I promise the light will one day finally shine

So please don't force that smile
Just let it creep on to you
Because you never should give up
And your time has not come
So please hold on a while longer

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